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Our Services

Enterprise Platform Implementation

Our founders have decades of experience with Cloud Enterprise Software especially WFM platforms such as Infor WFM. We work with platforms such as Kronos , Infor WFM, GCP, AWS, Tableau and SaaS platforms like Salesforce. A complete range of services from new project delivery to migration and enhancements are provided.

enterprise software implementation by Spatial Consulting
custom software development services

Turnkey & Custom Software Development

Are you looking to develop a custom Salesforce application ?
Or Custom software development in Java, TensorFlow, Kronos etc. technologies. We have experienced professionals with multiple years of experience and appropriate certifications, who can assist you in your custom development needs.

Offshore Staffing

We provide vetted and experienced offshore staff in technologies like Java, Salesforce Development and platforms like GCP, AWS, Tableau, Cognos, Kronos, Infor WFM and Salesforce. We provide remote interviews with offshore candidates, set up of ODC and remote management with flexible ramp up options.

Offshore Staffing Services